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  1. How is my shipment weighed?

Once you schedule a move with us and prior to pick-up, the empty moving truck is weighed and then the truck is weighed again after your shipment is loaded. The difference between the two weights is your exact weight. We use only GOVERNMENT CERTIFIED SCALES, and a certified scale ticket will be provided by request.

  1. Do you provide storage services?

Our new offer: 30 DAYS of FREE STORAGE & FREE RE-DELIVERY from storage to your final destination (Some conditions apply - please inquire) Discounts for seniors, students and persons with special needs may apply

  1. Which license do you possess?

We are licensed by: - IFTA Carrier - Bonded Carrier - FMCSA Carrier

Moving can be a stressful process. It’s our goal to make it simple. When you work with us:

  • You can speak to someone on the phone to outline the details of what your move needs. Our Moving Coordinators formulate a detailed plan with you so there are no surprises

  • You get a team that is trusted throughout the GTA and has years of experience to back up that trust.

  • We offer moving procedures customized to all types of moves from commercial to long-distance moves.

  • Our team treats your items like they were their own. Everything starts and ends with care.

  • Keeping you as organized as we can and getting your space in order as quickly as we can are our priorities.

  • We respect your time. We dispatch from one of our depots to get to you on time, and if traffic gets in the way of that, we’ll call you to let you know

  • You can choose further services like packing, unpacking, and furniture building and installation..